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I was tagged by the lovely bethsbooksblog

Thanks for Tagging me Beth this was a lot of fun. :D Now…

The Rules:

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions chosen by the person who nominated you.
3. Ask 11 new questions to 11 new bloggers. They must have less than 200 Bloglovin followers. (You cannot renominate the blog that nominated you.)

Facts about me:

1. I am a waitress at a local Chinese restaurant.

2. I grew up playing Softball and Bowling.

3. I will be crossing the stage in June with a BA in History and Philosophy.

4. I am a huge hockey fan.

5. I have a tattoo on my foot.

6. I’m 24 years old.

7. My star sign is Capricorn.

8. I’m going to Leaky Con 2014 in Orlando with my best friend.

9. My boyfriend and I have been going strong for almost 6 years.

10. I still love anime, especially Sailor Moon.

11. I am very proud to be Canadian.

 Beth’s questions:

1. First book you remember reading?

                        - The Babysitter Little Sister books

2. Do you highlight/take notes in books?

                        - Only in my textbooks for university. In my books for pleasure I try to make a little side note if I like something in particular on a separate piece of paper. 

3. Do you take notes in a notebook about books?
                        - I never really use to until I started reviewing books

4. Least favourite book?

                        - The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut

5. How many books have you read this year?

                        - 15, which is really good for me, this time last year I had only read 4

6. Which author would you love to meet? (dead or alive count, as does if you’ve already met them)

                        - Beth Revis or Victoria Schwab. I am super stoked I get to meet Rainbow Rowell and John Green at Leaky Con i August. :D

7. Do you like to review books or just read them?

                        - I use to just read them. I was always really bad at formulating words especially when I had to type them up. But since I started to run a Book blog I am trying to write them more often. It’s also really good writing practice.

8. Favourite protagonist?

                        -Hermione Granger

9. Favourite book series?

                        - The Across the Universe Trilogy

10. Do you check out books at the library, buy them, or both?

                        - I don’t check books out anymore because I was a stupid teenager and racked up a $125 fine. Also I don’t like being put on a time limit to read I would much rather buy them.

11. If you have a goodreads, what is it?

                        - Brittany Harris (nothing fancy, just my name)

My Questions:
1. Favourite book you were forced to read in High School?
2. Least favourite book you were forced to read in high school?
3. E-Reader, Hardback or Paperback?
4. Your favourite fairytale retelling
5. Do you read graphic novels / manga/comic books?
6. The last book you read.
7. If you were told you could only read from one genre ever again which genre would you choose?
8. Favourite Antagonist?
9. Which fictional character would you like to sit and have tea with?
10. What is your Hogwarts house according to Pottermore? Or you affiliate yourself with?
11. The character you identify most with

I Nominate these awesome people:

Sometimes the best books we ever read in our life time is the ones you pick up on a whim, with out any prior information. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry is one of those stories. This beautifully story about a bookseller on a small island just if the coast of Rhode Island is enchanting. For the book lovers, the casual readers and the ones who don’t read at all this story satisfies all these categories while making amazing references from as old as Poe and as recent as Zusak. Easily one of my favourite reads of 2014 so far. #reviewsdaytuesday

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